Finished Video

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TASK 17: Addition to the Story

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Have done the filming for we thought would be the whole of our video we realised that we have not done enough to conform to a music video.

So far what we have is just one story line in different locations with moods etc. However we need something else just give a bit of variety to the video.

What we have desided to do is have people lip syncing parts of the song as if they are the rappers telling the story. They will represent the real Compton as the actors we cast will be black.

TASK 24: Risk Assessment

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What are   the hazards? Who might be harmed? How severe could the harm be?


What controls are in place? How likely is an accident?


Risk Rating

A x B

What extra controls are needed? Who will action the extra controls? When will they be in place? Initial when complete.New Risk Rating?
Firebroken glassManual handling






Fire arms


Actors and assistantsPet animals Serious 2More than 3 days off.Slight 1

All other injuries

Glass tidied immediately.Remove actors whenfire is first lit and put in   when safe to do so.Guns not loaded for any of the shoot.

Area cleared when fires created.

Med. 2LikelyLow 1




Fire   extinguisher in case of accident with fire. Myself   and accompanying adults, one of them is a fire fighter. Right   from the start of the shoot. 3-4


SIGNATURE:- Squiggle squiggle

Directors Commentary

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Evaluation 4

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I have learnt from audience feedback a handful of clear ideas. Audiences liked the idea overall. People esspecially appreciated the concept of the video and the editing. The critisims I gained were that the video itself is to long, perhaos I should have cut the song down, and that the ending shot is a bit weak.